Product ID: 123


An all-season touring tire designed to blend performance, comfort and fuel efficiency in a balance of luxury and performance.

  • Promotes multidirectional grip and low noise. Alternating convex and concave sipe design.
  • Secure cornering and standout performance in wet conditions. Special shoulder groove geometry.
  • Improved steering precision and dry performance. Interlocking tread sipes.
  • Lower rolling resistance for improved fuel economy. State-of-the-art silica compound


The ContiProContact™ provides all-season versatility and excellent traction while not sacrificing comfort and performance. The tread design greatly improves wet traction and multidirectional grip that also significantly reduces road noise. An innate lower rolling resistance in the tire design improves fuel efficiency and lowers your cost at the gas pump. Balanced without compromise, the ContiProContact is the ideal tire for those who want it all: performance, comfort, and efficiency